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There's lots to be said about generating Backlinks - and they are one of the most important things in SEO. Generally, the more links you've got the better. Google looks at how many links your site's got - and if they don't raise any of their filters (I'll come to that in a minute) - then Google will take those links into consideration when ranking your site - there are other things like on-page seo, the actual content etc that call count toward the end rank - but backlinks are certainly not something that you want to miss.

So, the more you have the better?

Not exactly. You've got to be careful about where you get the links from. To get the best out of linking - make sure all your links are from relevant sites/forums/blogs etc. Also when making links, use varied anchor text to further solidify the relevance. Be especially careful about paid backlink services - these are against Google's webmaster guidelines. Using article directories and forums as well as relevant (and helpful) blog comments will increase your site's profile with Google.

So Does the Free Seo Backlink tool come in?

As long as you've got a variety of other links to your site - using the seo backlinks tool to get backlinks for free is fine. Most people use services like this for indexing their backlinks and giving them a bit more priority in Google - but you can use the free backlinks on your main site to diversify your link profile.

Will using this Backlink tool get me to number one in Google?

Using this tool to get backlinks for free probably wouldn't get you to number one alone - unless you were after a very niche longtail that no-one else was after. But in general - you should use free seo backlinks as part of your strategy - not all of it.

What type of backlinks do I get for free?

This Automatic backlinks getter collects links for you from a variety of sources. Most of which are 'stat' links. This means that they're from websites that collect information about other sites. An example of this is alexa site info pages. These types of link are good for indexing purposes, and can successfully diversify your link profile. However - these are not the best links for Ranking as they're probably not relevant to your niche. You should get relevant contextual links for ranking purposes.

How Does Google Look at Links?

Google counts all the links that it can see pointing to a page, calculates the quality of those links - then uses it as one of it's metrics for ranking a page. One important thing to not is that each page ranks individually - although any links (and no doubt the base domain) from/to that page are taken into account. That's one of the reasons you should have a good internal link structure as well as varied inbound links.

Google uses various filters to ensure any seo backlinks are legitimate - no-body (apart from Google) knows the precise filters but if you get too many links in a short period, or an un-natural link profile - it'll trigger one of the filters which could do anything from triggering a manual review to devaluing the links (all automatically).

How To Use This Automatic Backlink Generator

How To Get Free Backlinks

To use this backlink generator, all you need to do is enter the urls you want the links pointing to - then hit 'get links now' you'll then get automatic backlinks with 168 links to each and every URL you enter.

This is very effective at indexing backlinks - so if you've got some backlinks but Google hasn't seen them yet - all you need to do is get seo backlinks to your backlinks.

When it's complete, it'll show you a list of all the links it's made - you can even ping all these auto backlinks by selecting 'Ping These URLs' at the top - this will copy them all and transfer them into the pinging tool.

If at this point you want to go back to get some more links for a different set of domains - you can simply hit 'Check More' and it'll take you back to the screen where you can enter another list. You can copy any of these links into your browser to see that they've actually got a link to your site on the page (it will have though as that's one of the things the backlinks generator checks automatically).

It's recommended that you ping these links - as it'll help them get indexed and noticed by search engines - which will then help your site.

When To Use Backlink Tools...

It's a huge topic, Backlinks. The strange thing is that if you do it wrong - Google may see your site's link profile as 'un-natural' and could go as far as removing the site from it's index altogether. Yes - this can happen (although it's unlikely if you're sensible). The best thing to do to avoid this is to make sure that you've got a natural link profile. Don't have all the anchor text being your primary keyword - this is more likely to devalue that word. What you want is a nice mix of different quality links, with varied anchor text, including your main keywords and various other relevant ones.

The best way to use backlink tools is an addition to your manual/outsourced efforts. You shouldn't rely on any software/service to provide your main links - this is a slippery slope. The type of links used in backlink tools are usually best for indexing (especially if you ping the links after).

There's various thoughts as to when you should use backlinks though - as if you get too many links too quickly, it'll flag one of Google's filters. So it's best to drip-feed your links over time for best effect.